Feb. 6th, 2012

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I've been spreading myself far too thinly o'er the internet lately, hence my absence. Went back home to Missouri for a month, and now I've settled back in my apartment for next semester at art school here in Ohio. Here's a photo of my partner in crime, Libby, taken over break. I'll have you know, that's the only snow I've seen this winter, which is ridiculous compared to the ballin' ice storms of the few years' past! I'll just sit here in the relative warmth and wait for February to pull a fast one on the entire midwest. 

My art jive took a huge hit over break, so in my creative down time I took to a few activities I've been meaning to play with; simple 'bookbinding' and yeast loaf bread baking! Two weeks back I made my first loaves, one white with herbs and one whole-wheat, and they were quite successful! Tomorrow I'm attempting the 'French' recipe in my handy little cookbook, so I'll keep tabs on what happens there. The bookbinding is a joke as far as the true art goes, but it'll come in handy when I want to make a personal gift to someone- my little sister was enthralled. I used this awesome little guide here.

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