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At the moment I'm actually snug in an Ozark condo for the remainder of the weekend, but I found the little doohickey above during anantiquing excursion earlier in the week.  Until I have enough money to buy the really cool stuff at antique shops, I satiate my hunger with old tins, containers, and airbrushed ceramic figures from the '60s.  Bonus points if they're functional like this guy...


...a new, if unorganized home for my essential art supplies- it's long enough to store my brushes and deep enough to fit my watercolor palette, a bundle of colored pencils, a knife or two, and miscellaneous pens, inks, and nibs.   This thing will be a lifesaver next semester when I'm hopping between work, homework, and classes without a chance to run home betwixt them.

Didn't do so well with the dietary restrictions, what with this impromptu, parent-induced vacation, but a friend and I are going to try to be a bit healthier together for the next few weeks.  What I can be proud of is finally working a dentist-suggested phosphate and fluoride paste into my dental routine- it's so hard for me to introduce new things and drop old habits.
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Me on a couch and also paintings
 ...and then I went and didn't update for a full month and a few days- yet another case of finals and my inherent laziness.  Given my disposition for escapsim, my academic accomplishments are fairly mind-blowing [PIC RELATED].  I've been back in Missouri for only a few days and it already seems like the time is flying by.

The weather's been a stereotypical midwestern winter- cold rain.  The damp soil has made it really easy to uproot entire invasive honeysuckle plants from the 'woods' behind my house...I'm simply grabbing their bases and working them back and forth 'til they can be ripped out.  It's not the ideal way to get rid of them (at all), but the physical work feels very nice after three months of barely moving!  My dog gets quite a kick out of this activity- she rushes at the base of the plants and digs at the roots as I work them free, 'helping' me.  c: 

Other adventures in the yard have proffered a recently dead robin.  I'm going to harvest the skull for my collection and give the rest of the little guy a proper burial farther back in the forest.  But speaking of live birds instead, I saw a tufted titmouse at the feeder earlier- I never saw them in our yard until just a few years ago!
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Gurney's signature in my Dinotopia: The World Beneath book! 
Met and spoke to James Gurney on Monday.  It was strange, almost, meeting the man who pretty much illustrated my childhood, seeing him flesh and blood.  I'm dubbing this the year of Meeting Illustrators In Real Life, from Chris Payne being one of my main instructors this semester, seeing a presentation by Nathan Greeno [co-director of 'Tangled'], and hell, I'll be at Illuxcon in Pennsylvania next weekend staring up at Petar Meseldzija!  I can't believe all of this is really happening sometimes.  :]


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