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I've been spreading myself far too thinly o'er the internet lately, hence my absence. Went back home to Missouri for a month, and now I've settled back in my apartment for next semester at art school here in Ohio. Here's a photo of my partner in crime, Libby, taken over break. I'll have you know, that's the only snow I've seen this winter, which is ridiculous compared to the ballin' ice storms of the few years' past! I'll just sit here in the relative warmth and wait for February to pull a fast one on the entire midwest. 

My art jive took a huge hit over break, so in my creative down time I took to a few activities I've been meaning to play with; simple 'bookbinding' and yeast loaf bread baking! Two weeks back I made my first loaves, one white with herbs and one whole-wheat, and they were quite successful! Tomorrow I'm attempting the 'French' recipe in my handy little cookbook, so I'll keep tabs on what happens there. The bookbinding is a joke as far as the true art goes, but it'll come in handy when I want to make a personal gift to someone- my little sister was enthralled. I used this awesome little guide here.

And below the cut is a crosspost from my LJ:

The title links go to the movies' IMDB pages.
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?: I've fallen head over heels in love with this without really meaning to- looks like the Coen brothers are my new favorite directors. Their casts are conversationally brilliant and simple to the point of being uncanilly believable. [the hell was that sentence?] The soundtrack is quickly becoming one of my favorites!
  • Fargo: Loved this one as well. THOSE COPS. I'll agree with a review I read the other day: "I'm laughing hysterically and I have no idea why."
  • The Muppets: That introductory song. That introductory song. My heartstrings were kind of broken by everything in this movie, but I agree with the critics in that it didn't give potential new Muppets fans much to appreciate [nearly the whole thing was callbacks to previous films and the show].
  • Warhorse: This movie was shameful to watch. Maybe I’m overacting a little, but nothing worked here- the movie had no idea who it was trying to communicate to. Why should we be expected to care about an undercharacterized horse after watching gruesome footage of trench warfare?
  • The Artist: Very Good Film. I'm not quite as nutscrazy about it as the media seems to be, but I'm glad a little artsy film is getting such recognition!
  • The Truman Show: This filled all of my cheese and heart requirements ten times over.
  • Lars and the Real Girl: This is the story of a man who brings home a fake girlfriend. My roommates rented this one day, and it was the most perfectly sweet film. Very odd (if off-putting) premise, but I loved it.
  • Being John Malkovich: I kind of hated this movie, which surprised me. All of the characer writing was lazy and unlikable, which is a shame for such a neat premise. :c
  • Leafie: a Hen Into the Wild: Haha, the chicken movie. I certainly enjoyed it, especially for the backgrounds and the darker children's movie plot, but it seemed a bit long and lost focus on the plot halfway through. AH WELL, how often do you get a movie with a dark, handsome anime drake? pfff
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: My roommate made me go to this one in theaters well crafted and well acted as it was, I simply felt lost. It's a masterpiece of moodsetting, though, as I've never seen a more dreary, cold-war-looking film. Everyone who went with us agreed that the book should definitely be read before attempting to really enjoy this movie due to the vague plot setup and dialogue-heavy script.
  • Empire of the Sun: I'm not really one for serious war-related movies, so I'm hesitant to pass judgement on this one, but it was pretty good. I hadn't ever heard of it before despite it being a big nominee in the late 80's, and it was interesting to see a setting and perspective so far removed from usual WWII flicks.


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